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UA Hovr Infinites- Currently my favorite running shoe! Many agree; its been mentioned in Runner's World a few times this year. For workouts I wear these racing flats, but use these for I always wear these for warm ups and long runs. Beyond 3-4 miles (my limit), reviews have been mixed because some prefer lighter/less support. They connect to MapMyRun on your phone which has been great for training. I encourage you to check out reviews because they have MANY running sneakers with this feature! 

As I said before, I have no fear of sweat-induced skin damage when I'm using Fre Skincare products! I especially love using their 123Fre Set, because it gives me ALL of the products I need in a simple 3 step process- face wash, replenishing serum, SPF moisturizer. You can add any of their other products from there based on what you need! I've added the Brighten Me eye cream and the Recover Me night cream to my routine. I love the simple yet fresh scents and lightweight products because I clog easily! Try it! 'MADDIEKOPP' = 15% off at checkout.

This product has been life changing! I'm not being that dramatic- it has really helped my hydration. I start my morning before training with the Nuun Sport collection, giving me electrolytes and an option for caffeine. A lighter alternative to coffee is sometimes necessary. I encourage you to view all of their products to learn how you optimize your hydration for workouts, recovery, immune boots and more. You can read more about how I utilize this product when I travel in this post.

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