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Hey, I'm Maddie!

I am a professional runner living and training in the Washington D.C. area, with my wonderful teammates of the District Track Club and representing the amazing brand, Under Armour. While running competitions are my main thing, I am defined by so much more! When I'm not working out, I enjoy working with community programs, watching every. single

comedy on all major streaming platforms, going on adventures with my dog, and sharing my experiences through blogging and social media. My passion for athletics is a huge part of who I am and has come to drive me in all I do. I share a bit more about why blogging is important to me in my very first post, "Why On the Run?"


My Story 

I graduated from Duke University, where I ran sprints and mid-distance on the track & field team. The decision to continue running post-college wasn't easy- so much uncertainty, plans to go to law school, and the ever-present question in the back of my mind: Aren't I more than just a runner? Now, I feel glad I made this choice! By choosing to be a runner, I chose to be so much more. (Without even knowing it!) My inspiration behind this page comes from each and every side effect of this journey: gratitude: reflection on life's highs and lows, knowledge: sharing experiences and motivation with others, fitness: being the best version of yourself, making a difference: giving back and inspiring change. On this blog I want to share stories and tips about living a healthy, productive life. I hope you find yourself motivated and inspired, too. ❤


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